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Galaxy Therapeutics Incorporated brings nature to the bedside. Inspired by the Jellyfish, we are revolutionizing Brain aneurysm treatment.

 Galaxy Therapeutics

Galaxy Therapeutics is a private, US-based, clinical stage medical device company.  We have a proprietary implant technology to treat brain aneurysms. 

Brain aneurysms occur in up to 6% of the population. Up to half of brain aneurysms require treatment. This is over a $1B Market Opportunity.  We are addressing this opportunity with the Saccular Endovascular Aneurysm Lattice treatment system: SealTM

Galaxy is currently at an early clinical stage.  We have successfully demonstrated proof of concept, and clinical safety with our Pre_SEAL IT trial which enrolled 33 patients at multiple sites.  Safety, efficacy and durability has been demonstrated in all patients.  We are currently working with FDA to launch our Pre-Market approval SEAL-IT trial in US and internationally.  Galaxy holds multiple patents in US, EU, China and other markets. Founded by four practicing neuro interventional physicians. Our core team is based in Milpitas, CA.

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Galaxy Therapeutics Incorporated brings nature to the bedside.


Osama Zaidat

President & CEO

Neuroscience and Stroke Medical Director, Bon Secours Mercy Health
St. Vincent Medical Center

Thomas Wolfe

Vice President

Medical Director of Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology, Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Aamir Badruddin


System Medical Director, Neuroendovascular Surgery

Edgard Pereira


Interventional Radiology Specialist,
Fawcett Memorial Hospital